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theceowifeexperience's podcast

Jun 1, 2020

Meet Charlene Dozier, co-author in the Blessed Not Broken book.

Charlene Wendy Dozier, affectionately known as “Tangy,” is a native of Hartford, CT. She is an ordained minister and motivational speaker, currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Management, as well as an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies. She has 23 years in Executive Leadership to include Associate Director of VZW and Operations Manager at Altice USA before taking over the CT Region Retail Sales Team. Charlene is also the CEO of Women and Men of Destiny LLC. 

She considers it her personal ministry to seek out the rejected, broken-hearted, and lost to help them become what God would have them to become. 

Tune in and be inspired!
Book chapter titled "I Didn't See It Coming"