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theceowifeexperience's podcast

May 30, 2022

Meet Tasha Byrd #045 Tasha Byrd is a best selling author, motivational speaker, owner and CEO of I Choose Too, LLC.  She offers guidance and hard-earned wisdom to teen girls and women about how she broke a generational curse to be who God says she is and not who her past might indicate she should be. Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, California, Tasha has been in the healthcare industry for over twenty years.  She is a loving wife, mother of two wonderful adult children, and a first-time grandmother to her amazing granddaughter. Tasha holds in highest regard her faith in God and her love for her family. Showing her love, encouragement, and support towards her family and friends has always been a priority for her. With a lot of prayers and guidance from the Lord, Tasha has been able to conquer her fears and stand in her truth.

Following her chapter, “Forgive and Live,” Tasha will release her full memoir in 2022 along with another chapter contribution in Blessed Not Broken vol. 5.

You can connect with Tasha Byrd on Facebook: tasha.byrd.90, byrdtasha on instagram, or website: