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theceowifeexperience's podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Meet Dr. Althea Bates #027

Dr. Althea Bates is the Founder and CEO of A Bates Consulting, LLC, a full-service consultancy established in 2006 and offering resiliency and wellness coaching, youth development, case management, and workforce development services in the Greater Hartford, Connecticut Area as well as nationally.

Through her work and advocacy, Althea founded the Project Resiliency Movement, LLC, a social movement that encourages and helps empower women of color to address the often neglected but important mental, physical and emotional self-care to promote health and wellness.  

Dr. Bates has been an instrument of change in her community and a force of inspiration. She is frequently invited to speak motivationally and on topics of her expertise related to self-care, resiliency, personal development, women entrepreneurship and leadership on WTNH Chanel 8 News and other platforms.