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theceowifeexperience's podcast

Jul 19, 2021

Meet Alicia

As a great creative producer, Alicia Whitfield’s success stems from her skills in the visual, language, applied, and liberal arts. She guides and oversees an entire process of bringing a creative idea to life. Her spirituality, wisdom, and personal triumph have also helped shape her as a creative professional. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production for which she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Alicia's experience includes independent filmmaking, screenwriting, and playwriting. In addition, she used her creative writing and design skills to start a greeting card company.  Alicia’s approach to writing springs forth from the quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination," by Ralph Waldo Emerson. She understands how to fully engage her audience by explaining processes through her signature writing style. Alicia has traveled extensively around the United States and abroad, learning and immersing herself in the culture of wherever she finds herself.

Check out her chapter titled: "Trust Your Gut" in Blessed Not Broken (vol. 3): The Power of Transformation to be released Summer 2021.

You can connect with her at,, or Instagram: